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Gay guide for Madrid (hotels, festivals, websites)

Madrid was not always the city to make a party, only with the death of the of the Spain's governour Franco, 1975, the resindents of Madrid, the madrilenos tried to catch up on animation and feasting. Because of this pent-up demand the "culture of celebrating" was developed, which is referred to as one of the most extreme, lively and the most easy in the world.
And today Madrid has become one of the greatest party, gay, lesbian and bi-sexual metropoles in the world.

The new importance of the homosexuals arises with the fact, that Madrid is the Europride-Metropolis 2007.

The local „Madrid Gaypride-Festival“ takes place on the last June weekend. The district „Chueca“ is to become the international meeting point for gays and lesbian.

This district „Barrio Chueca“ is already very famous and gay oriented Madrid quarter. Here one can find everything, one is longing to find, and every gay or lesbian can amuse himself/herself very much. „Barrio Chueca“ is situated in the center of Madrid and it is the wonderful antigue district, which is within the reach from the Gran Via.

In Madrid heterosexuals and gay intermix themselves so much and so easy, that the residents of other cities can only envy them. It is quite normal here to see same-sex people kissing and holding hands. And the situation is to become better and better. In this quarter one can find a lot of stores, with the homosexual origin (and with every year there will be more and more of such stores), and that is why the life in this quarter becomes easier, delightful and vital.

It is impossible for us to describe everything that you can find there...and you know that descovering makes the best of it.So, visit „Chueca“ if you come to Madrid, and you will be surprised and very pleased with the city and your stay there.
And now have a look at our linklist. In addition you will find there the Chueca-Website (unfortunately only in spanish).

The lesbian life is also very common in one more district: Lavapies.